Books based in Denmark WA - suggested reading

Books based in Denmark WA - suggested reading

Below is a list of suggested reading. The settings for some of thes fictional books listed can be interpreted as being in the Denmark region.

Tim Winton's books are featured heavily below. Tim Winton is a West Australian author who grew up in the town of Albany WA .

You may have read some of his books and be familiar with the town ofAngelus which appears in many of his books such as 'Lockie Leonard' and 'Shallows'.

Tim Winton's more recent book 'Breath' is built around a coastal sawmill town, Sawyer, which could be interpreted as Denmark.

If you are interested in reading some books which we imagine are set in the area of Denmark, here is a list of suggested reads.

Breath - Tim Winton

**More recently, this book has been adapted to a movie by Australian actor Simon Baker who will make his debut as a director and also acting in the movie as one of the main characters Sandy.The movie was filmed in Denmark throughout April-June 2016 and is due to screen in 2017.

On the wild, lonely coast of Western Australia, two thrill seeking and barely adolescent boys fall into the enigmatic thrall of veteran big-wave surfer Sando. Together they form an odd but elite trio. The grown man initiates the boys into a kind of Spartan ethos, a regimen of risk and challenge, where they test themselves in storm swells on remote and shark-infested reefs, pushing each other to the edges of endurance, courage, and sanity. But where is all this heading? Why is their mentor’s past such forbidden territory? And what can explain his American wife’s peculiar behavior? Venturing beyond all limits—in relationships, in physical challenge, and in sexual behavior—there is a point where oblivion is the only outcome. Full of Winton’s lyrical genius for conveying physical sensation, Breath is a rich and atmospheric coming-of-age tale from one of world literature’s finest storytellers.

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Lockie Leonard Human Torpedo - Tim Winton

Lockie Leonard is a teenage "surf rat" who moves from the city to Angelus, Western Australia, "the most remote town on Earth". Lockie has to deal with starting high school in a new town with no friends and a house that is in danger of sinking into a swamp. His father is a police officer who everybody calls Sarge, his mother Joy, is frighteningly understanding, his brother Phillip still wets the bed and his baby sister Barbara, who everyone calls Blob, likes to eat the lino, and the pet sheep, Cyril

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Lockie Leonard Scumbuster - Tim Winton

When Lockie Leonard wipes out on a huge wave, he is thrown into a friendship with the weird, but extremely intelligent "Metal Head," Geoff "Egg" Eggleston, who joins Lockie in his crusade to clean up the pollution in his coastal Australian town's harbor.
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Shallows - Tim Winton

Based more in the Albany region around the whaling station, only a stone's throw from Denmark.
From the back cover:
Shallows is set in a small whaling town in Western Australia, where land-based whaling has been a tradition for over 150 years. When Queenie Cookson decides to join an antiwhaling protest group, she defies her husband, her ancestry, and her community.

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Greens Pool Beach, Denmark WA

By Grant Regan, APACE Green Skills, National Ecotourism Program (Australia)
Towards a model methodology for assessing the environmental impacts of ecotourism in Australia

The Southwest: From Dawn til Dusk

By Rob Oliver

Pictorial journey through the diverse landscapes of Western Australia's south-west corner. Examines social history, flora and fauna, bushwalks and attractions. Describes 34 bush trails, grading them in difficulty and describing flora and features.

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