Denmark WA Weather

Denmark WA Weather

Denmark's weather can often be described as four seasons in one day. Clouds move rapidly along the south coast causing the weather to change quickly. Be ready to enjoy the most pristine sunny mornings followed by cloud cover and rain a short while after. The weather forecast should always be taken with a grain of salt. Remember to pack your bathers and shorts as well as a jumper and rain coat, the sun can help elevate our spirits, but don't forget the pleasures of a walk in the rain or sitting by a fire when it's cold.

Summer (December to February)
Summer is traditionally the most popular time to visit Denmark WA. The average temperature at this time of year is 25C. Although as mentioned above it can get much hotter and it may seem like Winter another day! South easterly sea breeze winds are prevelant.

Autumn (March to May)
This is often the best time of year to visit Denmark. The evenings and the mornings are cool but by midday you will find the sun out and not a breath of wind that is so common in the Summer months. Clear blue skies and temperate days are perfect for any activities in Denmark

Winter (June-August)
Winter in Denmark is a special time with fewer crowds and a more relaxed pace. The average temperature is 16C. You may be greeted with wild storms, wind and rain or crisp, cloudless sunny days.

Spring (September to November)
Like the Autumn months, Spring in Denmark can present cool evenings and mornings and the most crisp pristine sunny days. You get the best of both worlds at this time of year in Denmark.

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